Inspirations from Telluride, CO.

An artist painting the mountains surrounding Telluride.

Every year that I can, I trek off to Colorado for the Telluride Film Festival, to see amazing films and lessen my angst associated with the end of summer. This year Telluride was spectacular with views that inspired my heart and films that challenged my brain. Amidst the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains and the clear blue skies ¬†stood the colorful painted Victorian homes and interesting filmgoers and filmmakers from here and abroad. Among the favorite films this year that will surely get released were “Argo”, directed by, presented by, and starring Ben Afflec , and “Hyde Park on Hudson” presented by and starring Laura Linney and Bill Murray. There were many other thought provoking foreign films, and watching 15 films, most with subtitles, in less than 4 days with little sleep, is a daunting task that I look forward to year after year. What a way to say goodbye to summer and usher in autumn!

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